Smart Home

Protecting your home and family is at the heart of Five Alarm Security’s mission.

  • Custom Home Security Solutions
  • Interactive Monitoring
  • Hardwired or Wireless Systems
  • UL Fire Alarm and Security Monitoring
  • Medical Panic Monitoring
  • In-house Professional Locksmith

Custom Solutions for Your Home:

We know that no two homes are the same, and each of our clients has unique concerns.  So when we design your alarm, we combine our knowledge with your needs to create a security solution as unique as you and your family. 

Every alarm has an arming station, and a combination of alarm sensors, including door and window sensors, PIR motion sensors, glass-break sensors, smoke/fire sensors, flood sensors, and more.  Our UL Central Station monitors all of the points of your security system, so that in the event of an alarm, we can notify the appropriate emergency responders.

Smart Home Security: 

Monitor and Manage Your Home from Anywhere

Our interactive mobile app partners like and Total Connect 2.0 allow you to keep tabs on your home, regardless of where you are.  Security, Video Surveillance, Smart Doorbells, Z-Wave Locks, Smart Thermostats, Flood Sensors, and Z-Wave automated devices – all fully in your control from your mobile device.

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