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Five Alarm Security offers the ultimate Home and Business security solutions in San Diego. We’re proud to keep your business, family, and home safe from intruders, burglars, and fires for 15 years. Our family owned business has offered the best combination of service, technology, customization, and equipment in San Diego. We specialize with custom-tailored security solutions to your security needs whether it’s for residential or commercial.

Five Alarm Security is an authorized dealer for Honeywell products in San Diego, with our popular seller being the Honeywell Lynx Touch 5210 allowing you to protect your home from burglary, theft, fire, and intrusion. Honeywell has been a world leader in security technology for over 100 years, and Five Alarm has our staff of local experts in San Diego to make your set up work for you, whatever your needs may be. With the advancement in security technology and surveillance, our company ensures that our systems work seamlessly for all users.

Our customized solutions is a local favorite here in San Diego. We give you the option to select and choose what hardware is best for you and your home or business, along with providing unmatched customer service and support. Don’t know where to start? Contact our knowledgeable team today and we will help keep you secured with the right solution. Five Alarm Security is the number one solution in San Diego to a safer life.

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