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San Diego Home Security Tips

When it comes to protecting your home and your loved ones, there’s simply no overdoing it. After all, they’re the most valuable thing in your life, both monetarily and emotionally, so it makes sense to pull all the stops and ensuring their safety in as many ways as possible.

Here are our top San Diego home security tips:

Minimize Hiding Spaces

While we understand the value of privacy, hiding your house from view also provides would-be-burglars with a perfect opportunity to break into your house during broad daylight.

Trimming tall shrubbery, uncovering your windows and installing motion detection lights are small steps you can take you make your house less of a target.

Likewise, you want to stop placing spare keys anywhere near your house. Hiding spots can be very predictable, and leaving a spare key hidden near your house will only make things easier for thieves.

Curate your Social Media

You’d be amazed by how much information people share via social media without realizing it!

Vacation photos can show you’re not at home; as do updates mentioning you’re at work, or pictures during your fun night out.

Likewise, announcing you’re alone at home can make you a target, and sharing pictures of the entirety of your home can give potential thieves a good idea of the house’s layout.

An easy way to minimize the risks is to share your pictures to social media only once you’re back home.

Reinforce Sliding Doors

As convenient and beautiful as they are, sliding doors are the prefered entry spot for burglars, who take advantage of the weak locking mechanisms these doors are known for.

Security bars and reinforced locks should be a priority when moving to a house with a sliding door, even if you’re living in a very safe neighborhood.

Lock Everything

Speaking of safe neighborhoods, perceived safety can make you lower your guard and leave your doors and windows wide open, which will always work to the advantage of home invaders or burglars.

No matter how safe or protected your community may be, you should always lock your windows and doors, even if it’s just to avoid an entitled neighbor.

Home Alarm System

Though common sense precautions can help you protect your house from burglars and unwanted visitors, installing a home alarm system should be a most for all homeowners in San Diego.

After all, if a thief decides to break into your house despite all of your precaution, you want to make sure they’re caught in the act.

Five Alarm Security completely customizeable home alarm systems are the best way to ensure your house is protected from break-ins and other eventualities, as their custom design can fit every house and apartment to better suit their individual needs.

With Five Alarm, your home won’t only be protected from break-ins, but also fire and gas-leaks, as Five Alarm boasts an array of sensors you can pick from to ensure your house is protected in the ways that matter to you.

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