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Whether it’s your home or your business, protecting your property is of utmost importance.

While San Diego is a pretty safe city with a strong sense of community and neighborly values, it never hurts to invest in a robust alarm system for your two biggest assets.

As one of San Diego’s top alarm companies, Five Alarms is your best bet when it comes to protecting both your home and your business from outside threats.

Five Alarm Security

With over 15 years working in the city, Five Alarm Security is one of San Diego’s top alarm companies.

Our focus on hiring local talent and working with local authorities help us provide a more personalized service capable of adapting to each customer’s needs.

We do this not only by working with local law enforcement and other security companies but also by providing state-of-the-art customizable alarm systems capable of adapting to various security needs.

Versatile Protection

Five Alarm Security offers alarm systems for both your house and your business.

Our home alarm system employs smart technology to protect your home just the way you want it:

Need an extra alarm for your garage door? A smoke detector in your kitchen? A motion-sensor camera in a specific room? You can have that and more with our fully integrated bespoke home security solutions.

Need protection for your business?

Our customizable business security systems offer a variety of indoors and outdoors surveillance systems that will help you not only protect your business but also monitor it even when you’re not around.

Our tiered security system also guarantees that your business is protected while still allowing select employees to come in and out, making opening and closing a breeze.

Not only that, but our commercial alarm systems are capable of growing with you, meaning that every time you get a new store or location, we can help you protect that one as well.

No False Alarms

What makes Five Alarm Security one of San Diego’s best alarm companies is its use of a dedicated central monitoring station that keeps an eye on both commercial and residential properties to guarantee they receive the right kind of attention.

If an alarm is triggered in your home or business, our capable team will look through the cameras to identify the potential threat and react accordingly.

If a pet triggered your alarm, or you accidentally set it off at night, our monitoring station will be able to tell and won’t notify the authorities, minimizing the incidence of false reports and their respective fees.


Thousands of businesses and homeowners in San Diego trust Five Alarm Security to protect their properties, and that’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly.

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