Protect your Property

from Theft

Afraid that you, your business, family or employees might be subject to theft, intruders, fires, or medical emergencies?

At Five Alarm Security, we have got you covered!

We protect your properties from any incident that might occur. Our monitored home or business security systems guarantee 24/7 safety. Millions of burglaries occur in the United States every year, with Five Alarm Security that should not be a problem.

More than just intruders

We are here to help you stay safe, by providing the right equipment to protect you from uninvited guests at any entry point, not just your front door. No intruder will go unnoticed.

Get smart home security and sleep easier

Our home security monitoring services are unmatchable when it comes to detecting life-threatening situations.

Thanks to our custom solutions, which includes integration with whole home automation, high net-worth security, video integrated priority police response and even more. Give us a try and you will not regret it!

Keeping an eye on everything has never been easier

Think of us as eyes where you need them the most, we allow you to stay safe while monitoring activity to protect your loved ones, your home investment, your patrimony or your business, from would-be burglars.

Serving San Diego Residents

There are situations that can be unpredictable, with Five Alarm Security, you reduce health risks and prevent you from spending money on averted damages.

If your home is threatened by uncertainties such as water or smoke, quick action can help prevent accidents. That is where our sensors and alert systems come into the play: warning you of potential dangers, allowing you to act fast!

Stay ahead of the unexpected and protect what really matters!

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