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Our advanced live video monitoring technology offers 24/7 protection to the San Diego area's businesses, no matter their size or type.

Expert Video Verification Solutions

We offer a fully integrated video detection system created to detect intrusions as soon as they happen, notifying our monitoring units and the San Diego authorities at a moment’s notice.

Monitor your business through 24/7 live security camera feeds with custom systems designed to fit your specific needs, all backed and installed by certified experts from Southern California, and connected with local authorities and security forces, ensuring prompt response in the case of a break-in.

Adaptable Security

Add a new level of security to your business with a customizable and adaptable video security system designed with your specifications in mind.

With the possibility to install up to 1000 cloud-backed HD cameras, every corner of your business will be protected, no matter its size, and you’ll have access to past security feeds to ensure nothing escapes your notice.

You’ll also be able to supervise your business place live from the comfort of your phone or your home computer, allowing you to keep an eye on your livelihood whether you’re physically in San Diego or not.

Priority Video-Verified Police Response

Don’t worry about false alarms. Whenever our system detects an intrusion, our live monitoring center will assess the situation and determine whether contacting the San Diego authorities is necessary or not, minimizing the unnecessary use of local resources.

This highly responsive system also allows San Diego police to be notified and informed whenever an intrusion is taking place so that they can arrive at the scene knowing precisely what they’re facing, minimizing risks for everyone involved.

Advanced video technology works in tandem with trained analysts and local security professionals to protect the businesses of San Diegans.

Local Talent from Start to Finish

In Five Alarms Security, we pride ourselves on collaborating with local authorities and local talent to protect San Diego residents and their businesses.

We employ San Diegans security experts every step of the way, ensuring the people who install and supervise your equipment know everything they need to know about the tech they’re installing and the area they’re operating in.

Working with local authorities also helps us deliver the best protection, as no one knows San Diego better than the people who protect the city.

By working with Five Alarm Security, not only are you protecting your business, but you’re also supporting local talent every step of the way.

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