Protect your business with 24/7 video monitoring

Our business monitoring video technology lets you observe your business anytime, anywhere.

Five Alarm Security offers complete control at your fingertips, giving you the tools to remotely arm and disarm your business alarm system while you’re at work or away.

Every business in San Diego is unique. Because of it, we offer unique security solutions with customizable video monitoring systems to better cover your business’s needs, no matter your trade.

Our highly customizable security system offers security cameras, cloud storage, motion detectors, glass break sensors, 24/7 monitoring, and live transmissions so you can keep an eye on your business even when you’re not there.

Our trained staff work with local authorities to stop intruders and burglars.

Our specialized technicians will consult with you to design, install and activate a security system that will be monitored 24/7 by our surveillance team, which in turn is in contact with local San Diego authorities and security teams to ensure rapid response if your business’s alarm system is triggered.

Our security cameras, motion detectors, and 24/7 video monitoring ensure every moment is filmed and preserved, and our live monitoring team makes certain only real break-ins and burglaries are reported to lessen your chances of a false alarm.

This way, we can help San Diego law enforcement by calling them only when they’re needed and giving them all the details they need to maximize their chances of success.

You, and your employees, can rest easy knowing you won’t accidentally trigger the system while closing or opening.

We’ll focus on your safety; you focus n your business.

Five Alarms security aims to provide an accessible and comprehensive customer experience, giving our valued customers access to high-tech security solutions, a competent and highly trained staff, and advanced equipment and technology to protect businesses of every size.

Our business monitoring systems are designed to be easy to understand and reliable, ensuring you can start protecting your business right away.

We employ the help of San Diego law enforcement, as well as local security companies and highly trained employees to better ensure the safety and protection of big and small businesses in the San Diego area.

With over 15 years of experience protecting area businesses and employing local talent, Five Alarm is a mainstay of San Diego home and business security.

We look forward to providing you with custom-tailored solutions to all of your business security needs.

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