Mobile Surveillance Units


Remote or Virtual Guard Patrol

Real-Time Video Analytics detect the presence of a person or vehicle in a protected area, and begins to immediately analyze the risk.  Loitering, motion, all of this is fed to our Remote Guard Patrol.  Our Remote Guards view live video, and can speak directly to the person in the prohibited area, engaging directly, and if needed, escalating to notifying Police or Guard Patrol Service of a crime in progress.


Remote Locations Without Infrastructure

No Power?  No Problem!  No Internet?  Our trailers have LTE Cel Communication, so we can deliver security to your site as quickly as the next day.  Need it NOW?  Don’t delay – our trailers are turn-key and smart from the start.  They can be immediately brought to your site / yard / facility, set up and configured in hours, not days.  Our trailers are designed to be flexible, movable, configurable, and customizable to fit your application.

Supplement Or Replace Guard Patrol

Our Virtual Guard Patrol costs a fraction of a traditional Security Guard. Supplement your existing Guard Patrol to make it more effective – our Remote Guards can summon armed patrol or replace traditional Physical Security Guards, giving your more effective, more reliable site security, without many of the common concerns around old-school patrol service. Identify threats in real time and summon help, whether Police or Armed Patrol Personnel.

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