How many smoke detectores

do you need in your house?

How many smoke detectores do you need in your house?

When it comes to protecting your home, home invasions and burglary are always at the top of everyone’s minds, but there are other threats that you should always keep in mind, such as gas leaks and house fires, which can be both more common and dangerous than an intruder.

These days most homes will come with a fire alarm or a C02 detector, but with smart homes only growing in popularity, it was only natural for these alarms to take the next step and go smart as well.

Home security companies, like Five Alarms, have taken this into consideration and offer smart smoke and CO2 detectors in all of their home security systems, giving users the ability to monitor their house and respond to alarms and threats even when they’re not home, ensuring their home is protected against any eventuality.

But, how many alarms do you need in your home? Is one enough, or should you get more, and where should you place them?

How Many Smoke Detectors Do You Need to Install in Your House?

According to the International Association of Fire Chiefs, you should install smoke detectors in every bedroom in your house, as well as outside sleeping areas and in most common areas.

While you shouldn’t install them next to things that create smoke or fire (chimneys, stoves, boilers), they should still be in a room nearby so they can detect smoke if something goes awry.

In short, you should get at least a smoke detector per bedroom, plus enough to cover your house’s common areas, except for kitchens, attics, or garages, as the conditions in these areas can create false alarms.

You should always ensure that, even when forming part of a smart home security system, these alarms are self-powered and don’t depend on the electric grid to function.

How Many CO2 Detectors Do You Need to Install in Your House?

Carbon monoxide detectors follow similar rules and should be installed on every floor of your house, including the basement and attics. Though you don’t need to place one in every bedroom, there should be at least one within 10 feet of every bedroom’s door to maximize coverage.

Carbon monoxide detectors should be installed in central locations and places of gathering, as well as just outside rooms where a potential leak could start.

Like with fire alarms, you want to make sure the system is interconnected, so that if one alarm triggers the rest do too no matter where you’re in the house; a function that’s included in Five Alarm’s Security customizable home security systems.

Designing your Home Security System with Five Alarms

Five Alarms Security gives you the option to design your very own security system, ensuring your house is protected the way you want it to; This, of course, extends to CO2 and smoke detectors, as you can choose as many as you want to better protect your home.

With Five Alarms, you won’t only be able to install enough smoke and CO2 detectors to cover all rooms in your house, but you’ll also be able to monitor them and control them from a central location, as well as access this information from the comfort of the cloud, giving you the ability to protect your home 24/7.

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