Absolutely.  We work with multiple companies like Alarm.com and Resideo / Total Connect who make great mobile apps to control your alarm.

We recommend regular testing of your alarm.  Before you test your alarm, you can call our office or the Central Station to notify that you are testing, and we’ll put your account on test mode while you test your alarm.

Not only do you no longer need a phone line, we recommend that you choose another communication path.  Ideally, a combination of internet and 4G-LTE cellular, but in a pinch you can use either of these alone.  The vast majority of phone lines are not considered a reliable communication path at this time.

Your alarm has a backup power supply (battery) inside the CPU that will run the alarm without power for hours, and as long as your alarm is communicating over a cellular path, your alarm will continue to be monitored.

Most sensor and panel batteries are simple to change.  It’s a good idea to put your account on test before you open your sensors as many alarm sensors have tamper sensors built inside that could set your alarm off.  If you’re not sure how to change your batteries, call our office and one of our staff would be happy to walk you through.

Many insurance companies offer discounts on homeowner and business insurance policies.  Discounts vary and you should check with your broker, but we’re happy to provide you with a certificate that you can forward to your underwriter.


It depends.  Wifi cameras will not work without local internet.  Hardwired cameras will typically continue to record to the DVR or NVR, even without internet.  If your internet goes out, you will not be able to see your cameras remotely, but that does not necessarily mean they are no longer recording.

Most of our camera systems are designed to be viewed remotely from a mobile app or a software program on a computer.  In certain circumstances we can design a solution that is entirely off-line and not viewable from a network connection.

Most video apps give you the ability to review, download, and share video footage from a mobile device or computer.

Our video solutions include Analog HD (HD-CVI) and Network (IP) Cameras.  The cameras range from 1080P (2MP) to 4K (8MP).  We also offer both night vision and night color cameras.  What resolution and what technology you should choose depends on your specific application, and we recommend you have a team member provide you with a free consultation.

Fire Alarm

New Commercial Fire Alarms do not communicate over telephone lines.  Legacy Fire Alarm Systems often communicate over telephone lines, but we often recommend replacing the telephone connections with cellular or IP connection.

For your home, you can add smoke detectors to your home security system.  This is common.  For commercial applications, it is against the law to add fire alarm sensors to a burglar alarm system.  Any fire alarm sensors in commercial buildings must be connected to a code-compliant standalone Fire Alarm System.

Access Control

Access Control consists of an electronic lock, a reader that detects credentials, and a CPU that manages the data.  The electronic lock depends on the type of door – our locksmith can help you determine what kind of lock you need.  The reader can be chosen to detect whatever type of credential you choose, from traditional 26-bit HID Prox cards to MIFARE and iCLASS credentials to Bluetooth RFID smartphone credentials.  The CPU is normally connected to the internet so you can manage the entire solution from your computer or smart phone.

Five Alarm Security has partnered with Brivo, Alarm.com, and Honeywell for Access Control.  All of them offer solutions for you to manage your access control from any web-enabled device.  Which one is the right choice?  Let us help you choose the best solution.

Five Alarm access control is scalable from one door in one building to thousands of doors across hundreds of buildings, all controllable from one App / Login / PC software.

You can remove permanently or simply suspend temporarily any credential – it’s can be as simple as clicking a button.  Then provide a new card or credential to the person, and you’re back in business.

You can lock down an entire site or group of sites from Access Control software.  This locks every door controlled by the Access Control.

Bluetooth credentials are still relatively new, but yes, we can set you up so you can use a mobile device with Bluetooth as a mobile credential.


Call Five Alarm Security, and we’ll help you get into your house or office.  We can get you new keys too.

In addition to getting a security alarm, we recommend rekeying your home and reviewing your current locking hardware to ensure that you are comfortable with the level of security you want for your new home.

Call Five Alarm Security – typically your building will have been rekeyed by the landlord, but if you purchased your building, it’s usually up to you to secure your building.  Our locksmith can help you rekey and make recommendations about security alarm or just hardening your building to keep it safe and secure.

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