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Are you looking for commercial security solutions for your local business?


You’ve come to the right place.


San Diego is a wonderful city for both big and small businesses, thanks in no small part to our locals, whose passion for novelty and love for the local culture reflects in every aspect of their lives.


While running a business in San Diego does come with its fair share of challenges, safety won’t be one of them if you work with Five Alarm Security.

A Household Name.

With over 15 years of working with local entrepreneurs, Five Alarm Security is one of the leading names in the city, providing commercial security solutions to local businesses no matter how big or small.


Our smart security systems are fully customizable to better fit your business’s needs, ensuring your stores are protected from what worries you.


Besides our customizable business security solutions, what makes Five Alarms stand out from other security providers is our connection to the community, which allows us to understand the people we work with much better.

Keeping it Local.

Why would you trust your business’s security to someone who has never set foot in San Diego?


By working with local experts and law enforcement, you not only establish a closer link with San Diego’s community, but you also guarantee a speedy response and round-the-clock security designed by people who understand the possible risks.


Intelligent commercial security solutions go beyond a simple touch-screen: They’re all about adapting to the local environment, and that’s exactly what Five Alarm Security can do for you.

We offer more than alarms.

We offer commercial security solutions, meaning your business will be protected on many fronts, from many eventualities.


Our commercial packages include round-the-clock video surveillance, a variety of alarms including fire and break-in alarms, a fully customizable access control to give your employees different levels of access according to their roles, and the guaranteed protection of our vigilance team, which will analyze the situation if an alarm triggers to choose the appropriate reaction.


Forget about an employee accidentally triggering the alarm and calling the entire SDPD to your front door. With Five Alarms Security, false alarms are a thing of the past.

A Commitment To You.

Every business owner knows that, once you find commercial security solutions that work well with your business, you want to work with them forever, which is why our security systems are designed to grow with you.


Maybe you’re a small business owner with a single store in the outskirts of San Diego, but find yourself growing at a breakneck speed and opening one store after the other.


If that’s the case, or if you’re simply moving to a larger place, you can always take us with you! We’ll customize our security system to fit a larger location, and we’ll give you the tool to monitor multiple locations at once.


Small businesses security doesn’t need to stay small when working with Five Alarms!

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