San Diego Live Video Monitoring Services

San Diego Live Video

Monitoring Services

We provide you with the best and most efficient

Live Video Monitoring Service for your house and business.

Live Video Monitoring Service

Five Alarm Security is a Honeywell Authorized Security Dealer and a member of the First Alert Professional national organization. Our family-owned business has offered the best combination of service, technology, and equipment in California. San Diegans prefer us!

Why is the Live Video Monitoring Service More Efficient for You:

The difference between traditional video surveillance systems and our live video surveillance is that the traditional system only works after an incident has already happened and not before.

Our highly qualified staff works directly with emergency services to prevent the damage by reporting the event right away. Besides, if an incident occurs, we will send you a detailed report to notify you too.

Customized Technology

One of the many benefits you will find with us is a customized alarm system according to your preferences and needs.

Our experienced technicians know exactly how to provide you with the most effective and quick security by letting you pick your plan, system, and even accessorize it!

Some of the benefits you will find with us are
A customized service

All-day surveillance

Quick security service response

Low prices and more!

Intelligent Solutions Just for You

Protect your home from burglary, theft, fire, vandalism, and intrusion. Five Alarm Security has our staff of local experts and intelligent solutions to make it possible and provide you with the help you need when you need it.

Let us take care of the installation and implementation too!


Real Life Stories Show How Five Alarm Makes A Real Difference

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Whole Home Security: Inside and Out

Whole Home Security:

Inside and Out

A Full Smart House!

Connect everything: From your security, locks, thermostats, to your garage, outside lights, fences, gates, security cameras, and more.

All those in need of top and full security for their property should give us a call.

Trusted By San Diegans

40+ Years experience is not in vain; our professionalism has established us as San Diego’s number one choice when it comes to safety, seamless automation, and control.

We have custom home solutions, including its exteriors, such as a patio, and façades that overlook the streets. We’ll Custom-Build A Security Solution For Your Needs.

There is nothing that our sophisticated control panels cannot do to protect your patrimony from the entrance to the exit of your house, apartment, or business. We have you covered!

Improve Safety

It never hurts to add an extra level of security to those areas that you consider less relevant. When it comes to protecting your family or employees from potential threats, nothing is enough.

Security Extended to the Last Corner

We would not like this to be the case, but if, for any reason, there is an attempted theft on your property, our systems accelerate your prompt notification.

To expedite appropriate investigations and attain situational awareness through our operational intelligence.

We guarantee security in every sense! We can help in all aspects of your custom camera and video surveillance system.

The Most Appropriate Design

Every home and lifestyle has different security needs; let us design the solution that meets yours. Don’t miss a moment of activity at every corner of your home!

Remember, the security of your space is at your fingertips with the Five Alarm Security equipment: get video alerts when activity is detected.

We also have the option to watch live or recorded video from your smartphone, tablet, or even your smartwatch! We are fully dedicated to staying connected anywhere for your safety and that of your loved ones!

We are more than what you were looking for

You can also check the outside of the building by viewing cameras through your mobile devices. We are aware that you cannot be in more than two places at the same time! Or can you?

With our technology, you can view cameras at different locations of your house or business and check-in when you can’t be there. Don’t think twice, we are more than what you were looking for!

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Fire Alarms Systems in San Diego

Fire Alarms Systems

in San Diego

At Five Alarm Security, protecting Lives and Properties is our highest priority. We can take care of your entire fire alarm job.

We are Leaders in Fire Protection

Five Alarm is a San Diego licensed commercial security services and fire alarm company. Here, your property and business’s safety is our main concern. We offer the ultimate technology as well as a highly qualified team of fire safety technicians: we provide everything from the basic sprinkler and monitoring packages to fully designed fire systems.

Your Fire Alarm Solution is Here

From design, CAD plans, submittals, installation, to monitoring, service, and inspections. We have what you are looking for, you just name it!

We also cover:

Commercial UL Fire Alarm Systems. CAD Drawing Plans and Submittals.
Service, Repair, and Inspection.
Fire Monitoring.
Sprinkler and Waterflow Monitoring.
Wireless Fire Communication.
CAD Drawing Plans and Submittals.
Service, Repair, and Inspection.

Leave it in our Hands

We are aware that every business or home is different in many ways, and therefore your fire safety needs are no exception. Our experienced fire consultants, designers, and technicians will provide you with specific fire protection services adapted to the particularities of any type of space. We know the safety of your business, home, but above all, your loved ones, is too important for a one-size-fits-all solution.

Having served San Diegans for over 15 years, we have seen the most significant changes in the fire safety industry, and at the same time, we stay ahead of the curve when it comes to applying the ultimate technology. Choose us! Your project will be in the most qualified hands: valuable and reliable services guaranteed.

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Qolysis Installer in San Diego

Qolysis Installer

in San Diego

We are a proud Qolsys provider.

We offer a wide variety of surveillance products from this leader in design and security solutions.

As a reliable Qolsys dealer, we guarantee that the performance of each one of the equipment we manage, will not only meet its objectives optimally, but will also provide you with the life safety you always dreamed of.

No more headaches at night!

All-in-one Always connected

Qolysis technology solutions include IQ Panels to protect sectors such as: commercial, presidential and builder.

Designed with a 7” hd touch screen, a live answer/view, a built-in glass break, a dual SRF, a 5MP camera, an encrypted security and a mobile app, as well as configured strictly to stay connected with the ones that matter most like your employees or your family.

Pair cameras, lights, locks, thermostats, garage openers, and more. With Qolysis, there will be definitely nothing that goes unnoticed.

The best security team with the best applications to secure your home or business.

Smart and Business Home Ready

Some features that covers your home

DISARM PHOTOS: From your IQ Panel you can see a picture of who disarmed your system.

ALARM PHOTOS: If your alarm is triggered, your panel will capture images during the event.

Some features that covers your Business

Face recognition, long range, access control, know when employees arrive, diagnostics, presence detection, commercial services, 4 partitions, Z-wave, screen lock and dealer billboard.

Great design

The IQ Panels control your entire home just with an intuitive, elegant, and optimal screen that will not only go wonderfully with your wall but that will be also easy enough for anyone to use!

Some of their products includes:

– IQ Panel 2+: equipped with DUAL SFR With powerG, live view/ live answer and wizard.

– IQ Remote The IQ Remote: secondary tablet that pairs with the IQ Panel 2 Plus.

Provides a way to arm and disarm your IQ Panel 2 Plus and see sensor status, as well, it gives you the features you don’t get in your mobile app like chimes, emergency panics, and a siren.

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Protect your Property from Theft

Protect your Property

from Theft

Afraid that you, your business, family or employees might be subject to theft, intruders, fires, or medical emergencies?

At Five Alarm Security, we have got you covered!

We protect your properties from any incident that might occur. Our monitored home or business security systems guarantee 24/7 safety. Millions of burglaries occur in the United States every year, with Five Alarm Security that should not be a problem.

More than just intruders

We are here to help you stay safe, by providing the right equipment to protect you from uninvited guests at any entry point, not just your front door. No intruder will go unnoticed.

Get smart home security and sleep easier

Our home security monitoring services are unmatchable when it comes to detecting life-threatening situations.

Thanks to our custom solutions, which includes integration with whole home automation, high net-worth security, video integrated priority police response and even more. Give us a try and you will not regret it!

Keeping an eye on everything has never been easier

Think of us as eyes where you need them the most, we allow you to stay safe while monitoring activity to protect your loved ones, your home investment, your patrimony or your business, from would-be burglars.

Serving San Diego Residents

There are situations that can be unpredictable, with Five Alarm Security, you reduce health risks and prevent you from spending money on averted damages.

If your home is threatened by uncertainties such as water or smoke, quick action can help prevent accidents. That is where our sensors and alert systems come into the play: warning you of potential dangers, allowing you to act fast!

Stay ahead of the unexpected and protect what really matters!

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San Diego Business Security Systems

Security Systems for Business

Whole Company Protection

Five Alarm Security provides you with protection for every corner, room, and door.

With our ultimate security system options, you won’t have to worry about intruders, fires, medical emergencies & more. Our equipment is monitored 24/7 to ensure the safety and comfort your business requires.

Nothing is Left Outside the Radar of Five Alarm Security

High Definition Video solutions for your business: with our HD security cameras for indoors and outdoors never miss a thing. Analog is a technology of the past. Monitor your company from a mobile app or computer. Stream video to the cloud for the ultimate in video security. Forget about worries. We have your back!

The Best Business Security System of San Diego

Our 15 years of experience in the business make us the #1 home security pick of San Diegans. We’ve been keeping security for business all around San Diego. We are the best choice out there. Trust us!

The Best Business Security System of San Diego

  • Protection from the leader in business security
  • Cover your whole business
  • Protect your business from theft, fire, and intrusion
  • Help protect your investment & keep an eye on your business
  • e offer a range of advanced security technology with solutions built to meet your needs

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San Diego Commercial Alarm Installation

San Diego Commercial

Alarm Installation

As small business owners ourselves

we know that protecting your business is almost as important as protecting your home

which is why we offer a wide arrange of commercial security system installations in and around the San Diego area.

As one of the best business security system installers in San Diego, we focus on providing high-quality custom-made security systems that can adapt to your and your business needs as it grows.

Our surveillance installation experts are some of the most qualified in San Diego. They’re capable of installing commercial security systems quickly and professionally while answering any question you might have.

With the latest security technologies in the industry, advanced and easy-to-use CCTV cameras, and innovative smart video analytics software, you can rest assured that your business will be well-protected with Five Alarms Security.

Five Alarm Tailored Commercial Alarm System and Installations

Our security systems can adapt to your specific needs, growing alongside your business to ensure it covers every aspect of your specification, making them one of the most versatile commercial alarm providers in San Diego.

We offer HD video, which can be accessed via a secure connection so you can monitor your business even when you’re out of town; a variety of access options that ensure multi-level protection you can modify at will; and a dedicated central station monitoring that minimizes false alarms and analyzes cases to prioritize the proper response.

What’s more, we offer multi-site security systems, ensuring your local business is protected no matter how many stores you have.

OAll of this gives you the ability to protect your business and monitor it and its security, handing you the tools to transform from a passive client into an active participant just by accessing a phone app.

Smart Commercial Alarm Systems at Your Fingertips

Five Alarm provides you with a variety of tools to monitor your business on the fly, such as environmental controls, vehicle monitoring, high-value asset protection, multi-level access control, five alarms, HD video and CCTV, local live monitoring, cloud storage, an interactive mobile app and a dedicated team of experts.

All you need to do to access all of these services and more is to reach out to our local experts, work alongside them to design the perfect commercial alarm system for your business, wait for our timely installation and enjoy the freedom and peace of mind only a well-protected business can give.

Thousands of businesses in San Diego trust Five Alarm Security to protect their livelihood, and that’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly.

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