Best Position for a

Security Camera

Best Position for a Security Camera

When installing a custom home security system like the one offered by Five Alarms Security, you may be wondering where should you install your cameras.

The answer, of course, depends on the layout of your home and your personal preference, but for the most part, you should consider installing your security cameras in these five areas:

Front Door

This one is a no-brainer, but it still needs to be said. Placing a security camera on your front door is an excellent way of knowing who enters and leaves your home, and a great tool to know who’s at the door if you receive an unexpected visit.
The International Association of Certified Home Inspection even estimates that up to 34% of burglars enter houses through the front door, so this is a camera that you simply can’t miss.

Side and Back Doors

This one should be fairly obvious, but people tend to ignore these areas in favor of protecting their front door, particularly if their backyard is fenced, which gives people a false sense of security.

Installing security cameras on your side and backdoors provide an extra level of protection, especially if you can install the cameras so that they’re facing the door, rather than mount them on top of the doors themselves.

This way, you can potentially cover first-floor windows, which are also one of the ways home intruders tend to enter one’s house.

Windows near Streets

First-floor windows are some of the most vulnerable areas of the house, as opportunistic burglars can enter through them when no one’s looking, particularly if you’re the kind of person who enjoys a nice breeze.

The risk doubles if there are tall plants or shrubs in front of them, as the privacy these plants afford also help hide intruders when they’re making their way inside a house.

On the same note, if your second-floor windows have a tree, lattice, or something that can be climbed from the ground floor, you may also want to protect them, as being on a second-floor often provides a false sense of security that leads people to not act cautiously.


A camera that faces your driveway and/or garage entry will help you keep an eye on the street, which in turn will add an extra level of protection to your home security.


If your children like to play in the yard, this camera can help you keep an eye on them even from inside the house, and can even help you resolve small neighbor-related problems like someone hitting your mailbox when backing up, or not picking up after their pets.

Common Areas

Common areas can be interior or exterior, though they’re usually inside the house.

Common areas are places where the family hangs out, such as the kitchen, the living room, the family room, and the backyard.

If you have children, installing a camera in the common areas can help you keep track of their coming and goings, and if your children are young enough to need a babysitter, it can give you extra peace of mind whenever you leave home.

Interior security cameras can also help you keep track of your pets, and if you’ve hired extra help, can help you make sure they’re doing their job and not wandering around the house while you’re not there.

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