A Short Guide on Securing

Your House Against Burglaries

A Short Guide on Securing Your House Against Burglaries

San Diego is one of America’s safest cities, but that doesn’t mean crime doesn’t happen, nor does it mean you shouldn’t take safety measures to keep your home and family safe. This is why we at Five Alarms want to give you tips to safeguard your home against potential burglaries.


Use Smart Lighting

A well-illuminated house is the first step to avoiding burglaries or similar crimes. A house seen clearly from the street provides very few spots for hiding and sneaking, so they will likely be bypassed in favor of easier targets. This effect is doubled with smart lights, as they ensure your house is well-illuminated even when you’re not around to turn on the lights.

Five Alarm’s smart security lighting system transforms your outdoor space into a well-lit fortress. Motion-activated brilliance ensures that intruders are met with a flood of light the moment they step onto your property, and you can enhance your curb appeal while fortifying your home – it’s a win-win!

Proper Landscaping

Landscaping is about more than decorating your home or meeting the requirements of the HOA. An overgrown garden can offer hiding spots for unwanted visitors, so you want to ensure no shrubs or trees are growing directly in front of doors or windows.

Security cameras should also be factored into your landscaping, whether installed around your house or in the garden. You don’t want to install a security camera to find out foilage is getting in the way.

Well-Protected Doors & Windows

Keeping doors and windows visible is only part of home security. You want to keep them locked whenever you’re not around, and if you want to go the extra mile, consider installing sensors to warn you if someone breaks into your home. Five Alarm can help you elevate your security by providing both motion and breaking sensors, letting you know if someone gets into your house through any door or window you’ve secured or if someone breaks a window while you’re not around.

Be Social Media Savy

When out having fun or on vacation, it’s easy to get carried away with posting your adventures on social media. Still, while tempting, we strongly caution you against posting your travel pictures until you’re back home. Otherwise, you’ll be telling the entire world (or at least your friends list) that there’s no one home. And for those times when you’re away, our real-time monitoring surveillance systems provide an extra layer of protection, keeping you connected to your home, no matter where life takes you.

Keep Your Security System Updated.

Outdated security systems are an open invitation for potential threats. Stay ahead of the game with Five Alarm’s state-of-the-art security alarm installation services. Our latest security technology offers comprehensive protection for your San Diego home and business, so don’t compromise on safety. Make the smart choice by upgrading to our cutting-edge security systems.

Schedule your Security Alarm Installation with Five Alarm today and experience the peace of mind of knowing your home is shielded by the best in the industry.

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