Signs You Should Update Your

Security System

3 Signs You Should Update Your Security System

While it’s nice to think that security systems are a once-in-a-lifetime purchase only, the truth is that they, just like every other piece of technology, need to be updated to avoid becoming obsolete. Because security systems tend to become an unconscious part of our routine once we get used to them, it’s pretty easy to forget they need to be updated, and even easier to have an obsolete security system without realizing it.

With this in mind, Five Alarms Security created this short list of signs to look for to know your security system needs to be updated.

You're Still Using Landline

Before the age of smart home technology, landline security systems were king. These days, however, having a landline-dependant security system is even riskier than not having one at all, which is why if you have one, you should consider updating it as soon as possible.

What makes landline-based security systems so risky? They can be easily tampered with from outside your house without triggering the alarm, giving you the false sense of security that your house is protected when that’s not the case.

Nowadays, pretty much every security system in the market is wireless, and if you have an internet connection, you should be able to get a more modern option -Like Five Alarms customized security systems- without any hassle.

It's not a Smart System

While it’s true that nowadays almost everything appears to be going smart, whether it needs to or not, security systems have only benefited from this advancement.

Today’s smart home security systems can be customized to meet your specifications and can monitor several things happening around your house. From the expected exterior/interior cameras and anti-burglary alarms, you can also program your security systems to monitor your fire and CO2 detectors, turn floodlights on/off at a certain hour, ignore movement inside your house if you have any pets, etc.

What’s best, is you don’t even need to be home to keep an eye on your security system, meaning you’ll be able to check what’s going on in your house even from the other side of the planet, something old security systems can’t even hope to achieve.

Slow Response Time from the Company

This is both a failure of the equipment and the company you hired, but if you’ve found that once an alarm is triggered the company takes too long to answer, then you should consider replacing your security system, and the company as well.

Modern home security companies, like Five Alarm Security, are equipped with a 24/7 monitoring center that keeps track of your system year-round, ensuring someone is there to react to any eventuality when it happens. This can translate to calling the respective authorities if there’s an emergency like a break-in or a fire; or not calling anyone if it turns out the alarm was triggered by mistake.

If you’re interested in learning more about Five Alarm’s live monitoring and our customizable smart home security systems, give us a call and get a free security evaluation!

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